What are the benefits of owning a treadmill?

In Blogging by Andrea Beck

For many recreational runners or even more ambitious runners, the fascinating thing about running is the contact with nature, the breath of fresh air and the feeling of boundless freedom. The treadmill contradicts all that but can still be a useful addition. Without leaving your own four walls to run, unaffected by adverse external conditions and at all times to …

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How Steroids Harm our Body

In Steroids by Andrea Beck

If it transforms the athletes into more muscular and powerful people, can steroids really be all that harmful to us? In your hearts, you know very well that steroids are good. Yes, your heart is telling the actual truth. Although anabolic steroids are often used to treat medical conditions these days, they certainly have some sort of common side effects. …

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The Best Natural High-Protein Foods

In High-Protein Foods by Andrea Beck

Protein is by far an essential nutrient, serving so many functions in your body, like developing tissue, cells, and muscle, creating hormones and antibodies to stay fit. Everyone should include protein in their diet, but if you are into endurance sports or maybe weight training, you must increase the protein intake. For most of the people, a daily dose of …