How Steroids Harm our Body

In Steroids by Andrea Beck

If it transforms the athletes into more muscular and powerful people, can steroids really be all that harmful to us?

In your hearts, you know very well that steroids are good. Yes, your heart is telling the actual truth. Although anabolic steroids are often used to treat medical conditions these days, they certainly have some sort of common side effects.

So, why are steroids harmful to your health? Here is all you need to know.


Steroids bring in several side effects which can even cause life-threatening disease like cancer, but many of us, especially athletes decide to ignore any information on the possible side effects. Let’s look at our body in more detail to find out how steroids can damage each different part of the body.


There is a tendency to use steroids as an excuse for aggressive behavior. Those who take high doses have also suffered from psychotic syndromes along with excessive anxiety. Other effects include sleeplessness, extreme paranoia, and depression. Even some users experience a high level of mood swings which in turn affects their personality.


It causes higher water retention (oedema) which makes the user “round faced” with odd puffy cheeks. In females facial hair has been reported to be a quite common symptom, even the voice of females turns husky with a deeper voice. Steroids also damage the skin of the face by causing frequent acne.


If someone uses steroids for a long time, it can affect the eyes. Infections, cataracts, and even glaucoma have been reported for steroid overdose.


As the testosterone converts into dihydrotestosterone or DHT, baldness becomes a common symptom both in male and female. The hair follicles start to shrink, which grows thin weak hair. Eventually, the hair follicle is destroyed causing permanent baldness.


Long-term Steroid use results in serious heart disease. Due to the high increases in total cholesterol levels, a build-up of cholesterol on the blood vessels’ walls leads to strokes. Also, the level of good cholesterol (HDL) decreases and the bad cholesterol (LDL) level increases. Even high blood pressure has been reported. It causes blood clots in blood vessels and hampers the blood flow to damage the heart muscle that causes heart attacks.


Occasional vomiting with blood due to the irritation of the stomach lining is a major side effect. Stomach acids also increase with decreasing level of stomach mucus.


Kidneys eliminate waste material from the blood and regulate the salt and water levels. They also regulate blood pressure. Excessive steroid intake increases blood pressure to damage the blood vessels and filtering process of the kidneys. Mainly oral steroids affect kidney suppressing the blood clotting factors and it leads to increased blood clotting time in case of any cut or injury.

Muscle and Tendons:

Those who use steroids have a tendency to lift heavier weights than their body is capable of, resulting in muscle tears. Also, the muscle becomes stronger more rapidly than the tendons can handle and ultimately damages the tendons.


Steroids force the testes to slow down its normal function. When you stop the testosterone supplementation the pituitary gland needs some time to signal the testes to yet again start manufacturing testosterone. Impotence may occur after a long time steroid cessation, and it also causes lack of erections.